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Noon Sertoma

Purchase Football Books

The Football Season is ready to kick-off!

The Noon Sertoma Club of Sioux Falls annual fundraiser is Noon Sertoma Football.

 Through your generosity, we continue our pledge of “Service to Mankind”.

The Noon Sertoma Club works with several causes, a few of our special causes are:

>Boy Scout Troop 48,
>Naturalization Program,
>Sertoma Christmas gathering for our special needs community
>The Sertoma Hearing Program will test over 7,000+ students in the Sioux Falls area.  

Here is how Sertoma Football works ($20.00 at half time / $25.00 final score):

We use Monday Night Football as the Noon Sertoma game, example for game day: your winning number is the last two numbers on the front of your book: example, book number 1479 / your number is 79.

If the last number from both teams score meets at your number you win (look for the Home team and visitor).


Your check will be sent to you automatically!


>PLUS there are five $25.00 drawings per each game!


Here is what you need to do now:

1) You keep the book

2)  Fill out the bottom tab (front of the book), Sertoman will remove the tab and turn in

3) Your donation is $25.00


Noon Sertoma appreciates your donation.


Enjoy the Football Season!  


 Noon Sertoma contact information:

  info@noonsertoma.org                   www.noonsertoma.com                  605.789.2082 

Football Books

(includes convenience fee)